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City Collection: We are inspired by amazing cities around the world. This makes each design unique. But we also want them to fit the urban territory. For a walk in the park, a cocktail party, stepping on the gas or to the dance floor. City collection. Inspired by cities, made for them. 

Toulouse:  The ochre roofs gave Toulouse the nickname of 'La Ville Rose' (The Pink City). Its charming Vieux Quartier (Old Town) is a dreamy mix. Store fronts and churches in coral colors. It is a vibrant and lively place very recognizable by its waterways. 

Ushuaia: Ushuaia is a tourist city in Argentina. It is located in the archipelago of  Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost tip of South America, nicknamed the  "End of the World".

Brugge: Brugge, the capital of West Flanders in northwestern Belgium, is distinguished  by its canals, cobblestone streets and medieval buildings.