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  • ​Welcome to Summer 2022!
    Jun 1st 2022

    ​Welcome to Summer 2022!

    Being able to travel again is the theme for this season, but before you jet off across the Atlantic,

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  • Summer Sandals and Heels!
    May 1st 2022

    Summer Sandals and Heels!

    2022 we are stepping out in style! This season’s fashion trends for summer sandals are a lot of heel

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  • Sneaker Fashion!
    Apr 1st 2022

    Sneaker Fashion!

    Reliable, comfortable and a staple in sports, sneakers have been around a long time. However sneaker

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  • Hey Dude!
    Mar 1st 2022

    Hey Dude!

    Spring and Summer seasons are a favorite for us at Shoe Fly. We love the happiness that the warm sun

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