The Curse of the Cheap Flip Flop

The Curse of the Cheap Flip Flop

Posted by Kristin on Jul 7th 2019

One of the true symbols of summer is the Flip Flop. Most women have a pair of cheap flip flops that become their go-to slip-on as they run out of the house. Everyone knows the classic $2 pair of Old Navy flip flops that come in every color you can imagine. We all love these cheap throwaways, BUT there’s a catch. These are really, and I mean REALLY, bad for your feet! I know we do not always think long term about our structural health - but we should. As a former lover of cheap, crappy flip flops, I have changed my ways.

Not only do your cheap flip flops cause damage to your feet, an unsupportive, flat flip flop can cause hip and back injuries and other bone problems with prolonged use. So, when you’re thinking of saving some money by going the Old Navy route, DON’T!  You’ll end up spending tons later in life, attempting to undo the damage you did by wearing these cheapies. Instead, invest in yourself by wearing a good quality, comfortable flip flop. By spending a little more now, you’re saving yourself from a lifetime of problems. I promise, you CAN get a cute pair of flip flops of that are good for your feet, you just have to be willing to make the investment.


Last year during buying season I was on the hunt for a cute flip flop that had the support and comfort of a shoe a podiatrist would approve. Luckily, Oluaki was offering the perfect option for this season, the KaeKae.


After trying it on, it’s safe to say I never want to put another pair of cheap flip flops on my feet. In fact, there are a lot of other brands out there with flip flop style sandals that wont destroy your feet. Birkenstock makes a style called the Gizeh

It still rings true to the classic Birkenstock comfort, quality and adjustability, but it’s essentially a flip flop. You can adjust it to the foot, so it doesn’t instantly get left behind in the sand on the way to your beach umbrella.

Please, for the sake of your feet and long term health, throw out all of your rubber flips flops and visit Shoe Fly at our Pearl Street store in Boulder or online @ to find a pair of great looking flip flops that are good for your health.