Embrace the Athleisure Footwear Trend

Embrace the Athleisure Footwear Trend

Posted by Kristin on Oct 1st 2019

Perhaps in no other place in the United States is the Athleisure trend more welcomed than Boulder, CO. With a high percentage of its residents living a fitness/health driven lifestyle, Boulder is a place where the athleisure look dominates.  So what exactly is Athleisure?  Simply put... it's Athletic + Leisure and is the perfect trend for anyone who likes to wear comfortable footwear and clothing designed for both exercise and fashion.

Of course you won’t be surprised to hear that European women were amongst the first to embrace this trend from a footwear perspective.  During my visits to Paris in the late 90’s, I marveled at how the Parisian women would traverse the city in beautiful designer high heels.  Twenty years later the scene has changed.  Long gone are heels, now replaced by super chic athletic looks of all colors and forms.

So how do you make this trend work for you, if fashion sense is not your strong suit?  Here are a few tips to get you started:

If you lean towards monochrome outfits of black or gray elevate the look by adding a super cool printed sneaker such as the JSlides Manic in Camo or the Superga 2750 in Dalmatian for a pop of fun.

If you tend towards longer skirt and dress hemlines pair them with a high-top sneaker to have an offset in proportions.The Vans high top with a dress, skirt, or pants is casual yet feminine.

If you are at a loss for how to pair sneakers with an outfit without looking like you just stepped off the treadmill, default to the white leather sneaker, such as the Tiger Lawnship – this classic look pairs with any outfit and will look just right every time!

And… if you still can’t wrap your head around the athleisure footwear trend start with a slip on such as the J Slides Heidi rather than a lace up shoe. It allows you to ease your way into this here-to-stay trend!

Stop in to Shoe Fly to see how I have embraced the athleisure trend!  If you are not local and need some advice feel free to email us at - we are always happy to distribute footwear fashion advice to those in need!