Welcome Back Buffs!!

Welcome Back Buffs!!

Posted by Kalyna on Aug 1st 2022

CU students are making their way back to Boulder this month, and we cannot wait to have them back!  As a local small business, the college kids are a big part of our community and shopping presence!

As we prepare for the summer retail season to end and school to be back in session, we wanted to share the fashion shoe trends that will be a big part of this upcoming Fall 2022 season!

One of our college and staff favorites is Doc Marten!  Doc Marten boots and shoes we predict will be a big part of this upcoming season! They are reliable, comfortable and continuously growing with the up-to-date fashion trends, while still staying true to their brand!  Inside Shoe Fly, we have some awesome new styles that we have never sold before, as well as all the staple classics!  Whatever Doc Marten you or your family members desire, we have something for everyone!

Doc Martens

Maybe a Doc Marten is too much… but you still want to be comfortable and have the reliability of a great shoe!  We recommend our SOREL sneakers!  Lightweight, comfortable, supportive and very fashion forward.  Don’t just look to Sorel for your winter boot needs, year after year these sneakers are a celebrity and staff favorite!  Stand out among the crowds of Converse and Nike’s with something different but still on point with fashion.

Last but not least is another staple for Shoe Fly, our Birkenstocks!  We have the best selection of Birkenstocks in Boulder!  Whether you plan to wear them with fun socks or grab a pair of our fur-lined Birks, we have something to suit anyone's needs.  Birkenstock is another reliable classic that no matter what feels and looks good!  If you plan on doing a lot of walking on campus, we suggest having good arch support with Birkenstocks!


Whatever you or your family's shoes needs are, we have you sorted for the Fall 2022 school year!  Welcome back students!  We have missed you AND don't forget that we now also cater to men. We have a wonderful and ever growing men's collection!