Think Big, Shop Small: Supporting the Longevity of Brick and Mortar

Think Big, Shop Small: Supporting the Longevity of Brick and Mortar

Posted by Alex on Jun 1st 2020

If we all had a dollar for every time we heard something “Covid-19” related, the crisis would be exclusive to the virus itself, not the economy.  Everywhere we turn, we get a reminder of the pandemic that is sweeping our globe, and honestly, it’s exhausting!  No matter where you stand on the issues we face regarding Coronavirus, it’s affecting every single human on Earth.

Now don’t worry friends, I promise next month’s blog will be about rainbows and butterflies -- or, at least something that evokes more positivity.  But for now, I wanted to elaborate on the importance of shopping small in the midst of our new 2020 reality.

Last month, I touched a bit upon this in the blog post "Locals Supporting Locals" -- how we need to keep the charm of “small” alive within our communities -- whether it’s your favorite artist, the cute independent boutique you and your girlfriends frequent, or the corner coffee house or brewery started by a passionate, self-starting couple. Without the support and patronage of people like you, these businesses would cease to exist.

Imagine a world where you couldn’t go into a store, try on clothes and shoes, see and feel furniture or homeware, and experience what you are bringing home before you purchase it.

Think of how many people benefit from the human connection that retail offers, and of how many people make their living from these jobs.

Plus, why wouldn’t you want a larger portion of your dollars to stay within your community, or to support other communities you admire, by shopping small?

With many places transitioning into the “Safer at Home” guidelines, it is a great time to venture out, see what’s open, and visit your local shops and restaurants.


Shoe Fly is now back to our standard hours of 11am - 6pm, 7 days a week.  So come visit us!  And while you are at it, combine it with a day or evening on the town.  We are really excited about the recent closing of the West End of Pearl Street to traffic, which allows our local restaurant colleagues the opportunity to expand their seating outdoors.  We hope to see you soon!  If you are not local to Boulder please consider supporting local by shopping us online at