Shop Local

Shop Local

Posted by Alex on Feb 1st 2021

Thank goodness 2020 is over- welcome to better days in 2021!

In continuation of the theme that swept the nation in 2020 to “Shop Local” we will be blogging about the independent/local vendors we carry in our store throughout the year.

We start off 2021 highlighting our newest independent vendor, Bungalow Blonde Jewelry, which is the creation of Halle Kost. Halle’s jewelry has been flying off our shelves, so we wanted to give you some insight to what inspires her beautiful designs.

Halle is originally from Cleveland, and her sister was a major influence early in her life and encouraged her to explore her creativity. The logo for Bungalow Blonde looks like the cresting of waves on a sandy beach, but the logo doesn’t just pay homage to Halle’s fondness of the coast, the design was also influenced by her sister, being reminiscent of an element on the periodic table. To Halle, a bungalow represents travel, experience, freedom! It represents the opportunity to collect trinkets and treasures from various places.

Meticulous and intentional, Halle pays attention to every aspect of her craft. The way a necklace chain clinks against a pendant, how a pair of earrings makes you feel when adorning your cheeks. The Bungalow Blonde collection in our jewelry case exudes the exact brightness and beauty and personality Halle envisions whilst creating each piece. “I’m not good with my words,” she admitted to me, “I express through my jewelry.” “I want my jewelry to be seen. I want women to feel confident when wearing it and feel like it gives them strength to get through the day."

We are thrilled to have partnered with Halle to offer Blungalow Blonde Jewelry in our store so please come check us out.