Dr Martens 1460

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Dr Martens 1460

Doc Martens are the archetypal brand that will never go out of style, with durability and a timeless edge. What more could you need? The 1460 is the original Dr. Martens boot. Its instantly recognizable DNA looks like this: 8 eyes, classic Dr. Martens Smooth leather, grooved sides, a heel-loop, yellow stitching, and a comfortable, air-cushioned sole — and this season, it gets three new color pops with electric blue, bright red and Dr. Martens yellow.

  • Original 8-eye boot
  • Constructed on the iconic and comfortable Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole
  • Built to last with a durable Goodyear welt
  • Use our Wonder Balsam to keep your boots clean, protect the leather, and keep it soft and supple


Dr. Marten is whole sizes only 6-10 for women.  This shoes typically runs large and half sizes typically size down to the whole size.  Given that this shoe is whole sizes only there is the possibility that a compromise needs to be made, which means the shoe could feel a bit large.  The most important part of sizing this shoe is to ensure that the toes are not touching the front of the boot.