Thank You For Another Amazing Year!

Thank You For Another Amazing Year!

Posted by Kristin on Dec 1st 2019

As we enter the last month of 2019, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our Shoe Fly customers who have visited and purchased at our Pearl Street store in Boulder and online!

This is my second winter selling season as the new owner of Shoe Fly, and I realize that my enjoyment and success with this business would not be possible without YOU!  Whether you shop locally in-store or online, I hope you have had a great experience with our services.  One of my main objectives for 2019 was to increase and improve customer service, and I hope you have noticed and benefited from our efforts.

A strongly held belief of mine is that feedback is a gift.  We have received quite a bit of it over the past year (both positive and constructive), and because I take it so seriously, I have worked hard to implement changes.  I look forward to your continued candor and honesty about how we are performing.

Based on customer feedback and questions over the past year, I wanted to pass along the following thoughts:

  • Under new ownership we have not eliminated any of the brands that were carried previously.  We HAVE, however, added some new wonderful brands, such as Vagabond, Casta, & GOLO and are continuing to add to our collection in order to provide our customers with increased options.  We have listened to feedback and are adding brands to satisfy those of you who like to be a bit more fashion forward.  While we LOVE our comfort brands and are sticking with them, as a girl who likes to get dressed up, I know there are times when a you just need the perfect “Saturday night date shoe” to make yourself feel special.  We want to make sure you can find that special shoe at Shoe Fly at a reasonable cost.
  • Our in-store return policy remains the same as under previous ownership.  Full refunds are provided within 7 days of purchase with receipt & box as long as the shoes are not worn outside.  I know this policy differs from Big Box stores. The benefit of shopping local is not only keeping your dollars within our community, but also the expert knowledge, customer service, and experience you have in our store that you cannot find in retail chains.  We understand you have a choice, and we very much appreciate your decision to shop with us.
  • Lastly, we are proud to announce that we have launched our new In-Store Customer Loyalty program. Our in-store program is free to join and is simple:  Buy 5 shoes and get $50 off your 6th shoe.  We sign you up in the store by gathering a small about of information and hold onto your loyalty card so you don’t have to worry about losing it!  This is one small way we can say thank you to our loyal customers for shopping at Shoe Fly.  Our online loyalty program will go live in early 2020.  We look forward to surprising you in 2020 with other ways of expressing our gratitude for your business.

As you wrap up the year and think about the new year I ask you to consider adopting this motto:

Life is Short- Buy the Shoes!

Happy Holidays!  

- Kristin