National Foot Health Awareness Month

National Foot Health Awareness Month

Posted by Kristin on Apr 1st 2019

Hey Shoe Fly Shoppers - I'll bet you did not know that April is National Foot Health Awareness Month!!!

I decided to focus this month’s blog on how to manage one of the most common foot issues our customers complain about - the ever so sexy bunion!  This is a subject close to my heart.  Five years ago, the combination of bad genetics and a love of ill-fitting high heels caught up with me and led me down the double bunionectomy path – not a fun procedure!

So… what exactly is a bunion? According to the National Podiatry Association, a bunion forms when the joint moves out of place, causing the affected toe to stick out or develop a bump. Bunions are not limited to the big toe and can range from being slightly uncomfortable to causing significant pain. Causes include prolonged exposure to ill-fitting footwear, having a genetic disposition to this condition, being female or of European decent, or simply getting older.

Statistically about 23% of people aged 18-65 and 1/3 of people over 65 will develop bunions.  So chances are you will suffer from this or some other foot issue at some point in your life. The question becomes... what can you do about a bunion?  There are several medical avenues available, and while I am not a medical expert, I will say from personal experience, the surgery I had gave me many years of foot relief and was well worth the 12 months of recovery time.  I am, however, a women’s shoe expert, and here is what we advise at Shoe Fly to help our customers deal with a pesky bunion:

  1. Ensure your shoes have plenty of room in the toe box - the part surrounding your toes. You want to avoid friction, sliding and squeezing of the foot when in the shoe, and a more generous toe box will help you accomplish that.
  2. Look for shoes with flat soles and cushioned bottoms.
  3. Don’t buy your shoes too small, you may need to size up in order to get the room you need to accomplish #1 above.
  4. Buy your shoes in the afternoon after you have been on your feet and you have experienced a natural swelling of the foot.

While Shoe Fly strives to carry fashion forward footwear at reasonable prices, we also ensure to have a good selection of comfort brands that don’t compromise style.  Below are some brand and shoe options carried at Shoe Fly you may consider if you have a bunion or other common foot problems:

Arizona Big Buckle

Birkenstock: Birkenstocks have been around for years and are still growing in popularity. Not only are they highly fashionable, but their supportive benefits makes for an excellent shoe.  For those who suffer from foot pain or discomfort, Birkenstocks can greatly reduce or alleviate this pain.  Birkenstock has taken the traditional Arizona style and given it lots of flair – the Arizona Big Buckle is great for your feet and even better for your style.

Born Tamara

Born: Born uses high quality materials, real leather and has several layers of supportive foam in the construction of their shoes. The supportive nature and soft leathers associated with the Born brand make this a go-to for our foot suffers. Newly arrived for the Spring season is the Born Tamara which has gotten great reviews from our customers in terms of comfort AND look.

Olukai Pehuea

Olukai: Olukai is known for their great arch support, even in their slip-on sandals/Flip Flops. If you have an issue with your arches or need good support due to a back problem, any one of the many Oluaki styles we carry are a good consideration. One of our top selling shoes for ladies going on a European vacation which entails a lot of walking is the Oluaki Pehuea. This shoe is super supportive yet versatile from a fashion perspective. We see this shoe being worn equally as well with pants, shorts or skirts.


Fly London Yala

Fly London:  If you like to stand out in a crowd with your funky fashion, Fly London is the brand for you!  Fly London makes extremely comfortable shoes that are youthful, fun and fashion forward. This company is known for using traditional construction techniques in unexpected ways that allow for comfort in a really cool looking shoe.The Yala is just one of many Fly London options for a great summer shoe.

Shoe Fly is here to support all your needs.  If you have a foot issue, don’t be shy, come in and talk to us. We promise to work with you to get you a pair of new Spring shoes that make you feel and look great.   If you are shopping us online feel free to send us a message asking questions about how different brands fit, or shop the brands recommended above to ensure your feet are happy and you look great!