Posted by Kristin on Dec 1st 2020

Slowly - very slowly - but surely, 2020 is coming to an end, and although we’re not out of the woods just yet, I want to reflect on our gratitude towards the people who have supported us, and all of Pearl Street, throughout this pandemic.

Every shoe, every pair of socks, every piece of clothing and jewelry, every gift card, every purchase gives us the fuel to keep our doors open in very trying times.

Every recommendation to a friend, every positive review, every repost, like, and comment, every thought to shop locally at Shoe Fly, instead of a Big Box retailer, assures us that our community has our back.

Every time you walk into Shoe Fly, every special moment and wonderful interaction, every laugh and cry and conversation we share with our customers helps us hang tightly onto what we expect is going to be a few more difficult months for us as a small business.

You all have a story, a way this year has affected you, and I cannot express enough the sheer appreciation we have for those of you who thought of us in the midst of it all.

Almost three years ago, I left a 25 year R&D career in the pharmaceutical industry to purchase Shoe Fly. I did this to fulfill a life dream of owning my own business, and never did I expect that my dream would be jeopardized by a global pandemic. My wonderful managers, Jacky and Alex, both left their corporate and office jobs to come and work with me because of their passion for people and their love of fashion. So while times are tough, there is nowhere else the three of us would rather be, as we enjoy connecting with everyone who walks into the store. 

We look forward to 2021, and what it has in store for our town, our country, our world, ourselves, and we can not wait to pack the store once again full of happy customers and visible, smiling faces.

As an expression of my gratitude, use code "GRATITUDE" online or in the store for 10% off through the month of December.

In the meantime: Mask up, be hopeful, shop local and have a safe and thankful holiday season.

Thank you for everything and stay tuned in early 2021 for some exciting ShoeFly announcements!

Yours with gratitude, Kristin